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$2,500 - $5,500+ / MONTH

Energy Advocate

Sales Experience     :  None Required

Solar Experience      :  None Required

Position Openings    :  Orlando & Tampa



As a part-time Energy Specialist, you will be trained on all Empower Energy solar products and services with the opportunity to earn a high income for helping homeowners save money, while also  protecting our planet.  Your primary function will be to identify homeowners who want to learn how they can switch to solar for free, reduce their energy costs and increase their home value with Empower Energy. 


This position is a gateway to several other career opportunities at Empower Energy. We are specifically looking for individuals who want to learn about the solar industry and can work part time to develop their knowledge and build their experience. High performers will be offered opportunity for advancement, higher pay and leadership roles.



  • Establish, develop, and manage relationships with new customers.

  • Drive a high level of self-generated leads through referrals and door to door canvassing.

  • Demonstrate a understanding of Empower Energy's  promotions, and sales offerings.

  • Work towards becoming knowledgeable in renewable energy products and their benefits to the consumer

  • Educate homeowners on how solar how solar works and the benefits of switching to solar. 

  • Create a positive experience by providing top-tier customer service to homeowners.





  • For those with the drive, determination, and right core skill – we’ll train you to thrive on our team

  • Unique capacity to connect with and talk to anyone

  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills.

  • Proficient use of telephone and email communications.

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends


Employees may be required to submit to a criminal history check and provide local and/or state licensing according to state requirements.


Empower Energy, an equal opportunity employer, does not consider any protected traits (e.g. race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, non-job-related disability, age, or any other protected trait) when hiring under federal, state and local laws. Empower Energy is a proud promoter of employment opportunities to our Military and Veterans.

Energy Specialists are paid on a commissions basis on their individual performance, individual earnings will vary.

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Apply for this Position

Please ensure that you complete the "Invited By" field if you were invited by a member of our organization. Applicants who are recommended by an Empower Energy representative will receive priority placement.

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