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Solar 10 Years Ago VS. Today

Today solar panels are far more affordable than you might think. The technology along with installation processes have advanced tremendously over the past decade. In fact, recently International Business Times rated solar power to be the cheapest source of energy and power in the past ten years. With all of the new advancements, coupled with federal tax incentives, solar is within reach for most Americans.

Perhaps the most significant change that has occurred in the past ten years is the fact that a homeowner can actually switch to solar for zero out of pocket cost. People who thought that they would never be able to afford to go solar are finding out that having solar power is manageable and within their budgets. In most cases a Florida resident can switch to solar for nothing out of pocket and pay a monthly bill that is less than what they were paying their electric company for the same amount on energy. The only difference is that they are paying a bill that will eventually go away, as opposed to paying the utility company, a rising bill that has no end.

Another major advancement in solar is the cost of the equipment. According to SEIA, the cost of solar equipment has declined over 60% over the past 10 years, due in part to the increase in panel efficiency. More efficient panels mean smaller panels which in turn requires less material and labor to produce.

Solar has come a long way over the years. Advancements in technology and financing has paved the way for millions of homeowners to make the switch to solar and become energy independent.

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